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Directory of Architectural Elements For Home Improvement

Home Restoration

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Architectural Elements For Your Home

Legacy Architectural Salvage


Lustre Bath

Bring a piece of history into your home.  Lustre Bath of London have developed a unique and extensive service in the renovation of Antique and Period Bath Tubs.  The interior of all baths is refinished. The exterior and feet are primed and ready...


Materials Unlimited

Housed within our walls is also a full-service Production Department including strip tank, spray booth, wood shop, and lighting restoration shop. We've fabricated bars out of doors, sinks out of altars, and stained glass out of sheer imagination....


MS Rau Antiques


Off The Wall Architectural Antiques

Off the Wall, a haven for rescued artifacts from times now only remembered, is just such a place. It's stuffed to the rafters with period chandeliers, columns, carvings, Victorian millwork, porch posts, railings, doors, door knobs, doorbells...


Old House Restoration

Most people who buy old houses want to work on them. You don't buy one of these handy-man fixer-upper opportunity dream homes without planning on working on it. And, while some can afford to move out and let contractors do...


Olde Good Things Architectural Antiques

A storehouse of preservationist salvage, dealers, builders, architects and designers spend hours browsing through our inventory which includes over 20,000 doorknobs, 3,000 doors and 300 mantels, lots of decorative iron, colorful stained...


Photographing Buildings

If you're photographing a building to get an overall view, any outlines or features that are too close to the edge of your viewfinder may be cut off in the final photo. Use a wider angle lens or move back enough from the subject to give it...


Recycling The Past


Renaissance Floor Inlay

We are manufacturers of decorative hand cut inlays for hardwood floors: medallions, borders and panels. We install hardwood floors from straight lay oak floors to complicated inlay designs of a palace quality, we are able to satisfy...


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Old House Restoration

Historic home restoration items from around the world