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Service Provided

Service Fee Charged

Application Fee


Appraisal:  No upfront deposit

Actual cost.  No markup.

Cancellation Fee


Credit Report


Credit Supplements


FedEx Deliveries


Hidden Profit


Loan Processing



You Choose

Rebates in excess of 1%

Refunded to borrower

Upfront Deposit


If you don't close for any reason, you do not pay.

You are not charged for credit reports or processing ever.  If for any reason you change your mind and decide not to close, even after signing loan documents...you do not owe Harp Financial any fee.



We work on a flat fee percentage

You know our income prior to starting the loan process.  No hidden profits, ever.



Harp Financial earns a maximum of 1.00% of the new first trust deed loan amount. All points shown on our retail rate sheets include our flat fee. If you pay one point, the bank gives us the one point. If you pay two points, the bank gives us one point and the bank gets one point. If you pay zero points the bank gives us a rebate. Banks pay rebates to encourage brokers to submit files to them.  The amounts may vary depending on how aggressive a lender needs to be to get loans. 



Since Harp Financial is not keeping the extra incentive beyond 1%, we can look for a program that actually benefits you...not us.  All you pay is the actual lender fees, escrow and title company charges.  The pricing changes daily and sometimes more than once during the day.  The rebate may be anywhere from 1.00% to 3.50% or even more in some cases. The exact amount isn't known until you lock in. We can't predict future interest rate changes, but we can predict that all extra goes back to you or it is used to benefit you.  Usually we use the rebate to buy down the rate to a lower payment. 



You get excess rebate

All amounts in excess of the 1.00% fees earned on first mortgages are refunded to the borrower. You get a credit for the overage beyond one percent in escrow or we cut a check to you after closing. On larger loans our fee may be even less than one percent.  Why do we give some of the excess profit back to you?  Simple...our business is by referral and if you are treated right you will refer business to us and we make more just by giving you the great service and pricing that you deserve.



Your home is appraised by independent  appraisers. 

Average range is $350 to $500 depending on the typical area pricing. Custom homes, upper end homes or unique properties range from $500 to $900. Rental units average $450 to $700.  We quote $350 on our Good Faith Estimate for appraisals, unless your home is unique.  You can recommend your own California licensed appraiser.  Some properties are eligible for $50 appraisal waiver.   You pay the actual invoiced price. There is no markup.  Paid only at closing.


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