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Harp Financial Is Electronic Appraiser Certified

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Electronic Appraiser Certified


    Find the value of any home.

  • Know the value of a home before you apply for a home loan

  • Review the public records title companies use to insure the title.

  • See information licensed real estate appraisers use.

  • Not knowing the value range of a house can cost you money.

  • Run e-appraisal on any house you like before you make an offer.

  • You can use the report to back up your offer with the numerous facts.

  • Run electronic appraisals on any number houses, you pay for each report individually.  In minutes you can review the information in the privacy of your home, without agents around!  The cost is easily justified by the thousands you could keep...with the correct sales price.

  • Get value on your house before you sell.  Set realistic listing price.

  • Some of the major lenders are experimenting with artificial electronic appraisals.  If you give them a realistic value upfront, the mortgage company may accept your value without a full field appraisal.  You could save $$.   Information you can use right now...


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Online Appraisal Report - Automated Valuation Model: AVM