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Loan Application Package

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Step 1:  

Print the Loan Application.  Fill it out. Initial, sign and date.

Loan Application (legal size: pdf) 

Step 2:   

Print the Loan Disclosures.  Sign and date.

Loan Disclosures  (letter size: pdf) 

The disclosures can be looked at first, without printing.  Sign and date.


Step 3:   

Photocopy documents on the Needs List and Mail

Needs List 

Step 4: 

Do you hate paperwork?  Skip steps 1,2,3 and just call.

Call 818-878-9538 and apply by phone. 

There is nothing to fill out.

It takes about ten minutes. 

We do all the paperwork for you.


California Department of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker.  Equal Housing Lender.